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The Box Set Includes:
8CDs; 130+ Songs; Deluxe 24 page oversized booklet with track details, liner notes and exclusive photos in deluxe packaging.

Plus Digital Bonus Content:
- Over 50 Bonus Tracks
- Never before seen archival Video Footage!
- Massive Digital Book featuring 100s of photos; original lyric sheets; publicity records, original deal memos, personal pictures & insights.
- Advance preview audio.

Limited To 450 Units Worldwide

Limited to 50 units only

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The Box Set Includes:
8CDs; 130+ Songs; Deluxe 24 page oversized booklet with track details, liner notes and exclusive photos in deluxe packaging.

Plus Digital Bonus Content as Above

Plus Exclusive Bonus:
- Signed A4 Promo Photo of Robin Randall & Diana DeWitt (signed by both)
- 1 hand written one-of-a-kind original lyric sheet (from Judithe Randall's personal archives)

1 ticket into exclusive Randall's Raffle - a 1-in-50 chance to win:

1st - Original Platinum Record Award to Judithe Randall for Agnetha Faltskog album
2nd - Starship 'Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight' Framed 7" Single with original music sheet
3rd - 4x Original 1/4" Tapes

Limited To 50 Units Worldwide



Disc 1: Featuring Marcie Free

Disc 2: Long Way From Love (Reimagined)
All 16 tracks from the 5th Anniversary Special Edition release represented with different versions of the songs featuring the vocals of Diana DeWitt, Kristina Nicholas, AirKraft, Cruz Sembello, Aina and more.

Disc 3: Featuring James Christian

Disc 4: Featuring Diana DeWitt

Disc 5: Featuring Male Vocals
Curt Cumo, Kelly Keagy, Ken Stacey, Robert Tepper and more

Disc 6: Featuring Aina & Female Vocals

Disc 7: Featuring Steve Zell Vocals

Disc 8:
Featuring Tracks From The Year 2000 Onwards; Various Vocalists

All audio remastered from original DAT & Disc Source by JK Northrup
Set will include a brand-new version of the classic 'Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight'





HOLLYRIDGELAND The Songs Of Robin & Judithe Randall



DISC 1 'Darker Shades Of Love', Featuring The Vocals Of MARCIE FREE


01. Too Late For Love

02. Darker Shades Of Love

03. One Heartbeat At A Time

04. High Life (Original Demo Version)

05. When The Heartache Hits You

06. Midnight Don't Come Easy

07. Hard Heart To Break (2021 Remaster)

08. Love Speaks Louder Than Words

09. If You Remember Love

10. Never Alone

11. So Close, Yet So Far

12. The Last Time (Alt Mix)

13. So Close Yet So Far (Duet - Marcie Free & Diana DeWitt)

14. Never Could Call It Love (Duet - Marcie Free & Kristina Nichols)

15. State Of Love (Instrumental)





01. AirKraft - Someday You'll Come Running

02. Diana DeWitt - Stranger Among Us

03. Marcie Free - Coming Back For More (No Fade Version)

04. Diana DeWitt - The Last Time

05. Aina - Hard Heart To Break

06. Kristina Nichols - High Life

07. After Hours - State Of Love

08. James Christian - Slow Down The Night

09. Diana DeWitt - Look Love In The Eyes

10. Diana DeWitt - Never Be A Next Time

11. Aina - Long Way From Love

12. Diana DeWitt - In It For The Long Run

13. Diana DeWitt - What Happened To Love

14. Steve Zell - Never Could Call It Love

15. Aina - Smoke And Mirrors

16. Diana DeWitt Dyin' For Your Love

17. After Hours The Last Time (Bonus Track)



DISC 3 'Eyes Of Night', Featuring the Vocals Of JAMES CHRISTIAN


01. Where Are You Now

02. Breaking Through The Silence (Demo)

03. Leave Well Enough Alone (Original Demo)

04. Eyes Of Night

05. A Love I'd Die For

06. Hearts Of Fire

07. Mother Night (Original Demo, Rock Mix)

08. Know You In The Dark (Original Demo)

09. Everything But Love

10. Love Forever Story

11. Love Look In To My Life (Original Mix)

12. Why Don't You Love Me

13. The Last Time

14. The Last Of Love

15. Love For Ever Story (Duet - James Christian & Diana DeWitt)

16. State Of Love (Duet - Aina & James Christian)(Live At Studio One Back Lot)

17. Mother Night (Alt Mix)



DISC 4 'Hard Heart To Break', Featuring The Vocals Of DIANA DEWITT


01. Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight (New 2021 Recording)

02. All The Love Your Heart Can Hold

03. Hard Heart To Break

04. Bless A Brand New Angel (Baywatch)

05. Darker Shades Of Love

06. Venus & Mars

07. Leave Well Enough Alone

08. One Heartbeat At A Time

09. Slow Down The Night

10. Isobel

11. Love Forever Story

12. Beautiful Is Lonely

13. Too Late For Love

14. Dirty Dancing

15. Other Side Of Rain

16. Love Looked Into My Life

17. Hearts Of Fire

18. Child Inside

19. Amnesty



DISC 5 'Look Me Up When You're Falling Down', Vocals From The Men


06. Look Me Up When Your Falling Down - Robert Tepper

07. Garden Of Night - Robert Tepper

08. Mother Night (Unplugged) - Robert Tepper

01. Darker Shades Of Love - Curt Cuomo Vocal

02. Rated X - Curt Cuomo

03. Killer Love - Curt Cuomo

04. Tough Boy - Curt Cuomo

05. Other Side Of Rain (Duet) Diana DeWitt & Curt Cuomo

09. Live Each Day As My Last - Kelly Keagy

10. One Heartbeat - Tony Sciuto

11. All Rivers Run To The Sea - Ken Stacey

12. Don't Hold Your Breath - Ken Stacey

13. Moment In The Sun - Leo Unnermark

14. Life Is For Living - Edge of The Blade

15. Never Be A Next Time After Hours

16. Get It Right Engelo Charles

17. I Still Remember - Tom Synclair

18. You Can't Keep The Wind From Blowing (Desert Storm All Star Track)



DISC 6 'If You Dare To Dream', The Ladies Rock!



01.Mother Night - Aina

02. Never Alone - Aina

03. All Rivers They Run To The Sea - Aina

04. If You Remember Love - Aina

05. If Life Were A Beach - Aina

06. Never Could Call It Love - Aina

07. If You Dare To Dream Windy Wagner

08. Forever Friends - Windy Wagner (Baywatch)

09. Rainbow In The Rain (Duet) - Ronee Martin & Kenny James

10. Just Friends - Ronee Martin

11. I'll Choose Love - Ronee Martin

12. Keep Running - Brooke White

13. Love Has No Mercy - Kristina Nichols

14. Know You In The Dark - Kristina Nichols

15. It Didn't Have To End This Way- Sarah Olson

16. Wasted Love - Donna Hurst

17. Can't Get Enough -Viki Childs

18. Eyes Of Night - Mara Getz



DISC 7 'Breaking Through The Silence', Featuring The Vocals Of STEVE ZELL


01. Breaking Thru The Silence

02. Better Believe If I Could Touch You One More Time (Baywatch)

03. The Last Time

04. Better Believe In Me

05. The Best Of Whatever You Are (Baywatch)

06. Making Love By The Letter

07. Just Friends

08. Coin City Launderette

09. Learn To Let You Go

10. Close My Eyes

11. It's Only A Matter Of Time (Baywatch)

12. Why Can't I Ever Say No

13. Close My Eyes (Duet) Steve Zell & Diana DeWitt

14. Two Souls, One Breath (Duet) - Steve Zell & Deborah Rogers

15. To The Max (Baywatch)(Duet) - Steve Zell & Deborah Rogers

16. Learn To Let You Go (Piano & Vocal)



DISC 8 'Falling To You', The Collaborations Of ROBIN RANDALL & BILL LaFLEUR


01. Falling To You - Michelle Staffieri

02. In An Instant - Michelle Staffieri

03. Did You Forget To Forget Me - Michelle Staffieri

04. Still The Same Inside - Michelle Staffieri

05. Letting Go - TBA

06. My Last Wish - Sopa Whyte

07. How Do You Sleep At Night- Sopa Whyte

08. Will You Still Love Me - Sopa Whyte

09.Gotta get My Own Life Back - Josephine Schaffert

10. You Are My Everything - Matt Salmons

11. Into The Unknown Matt Salmons

12. Paper Moon Sky - Emerald

13. Miss Misery - Emerald

14. Somebody's Baby - Emerald

15. Love Comes When You Least Expect It - Sarah Olson

16. Anything Less Than Love - Sarah Olson

17. No Place I'd Rather Be Captain Mustard

18. Those Days In The 1970s Camilla Gervide