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For the 5th release in MelodicRock Classic's 500 Series, we turn once again to Canada for another fine slice of Canuck melodic rock.

Total Stranger shouldn't be too unfamiliar ľ the band released a self-titled album in Japan in 1997, reissued later as part of a double disc version of their 2002 album 'Obsession'.

But before both of those record came the band's initial recordings in the form of a 1990 cassette only release and a 1996 EP released on vinyl only.

Now in 2023, with remastering as per usual by the great JK Northrup, Total Stranger's original output has found its way onto CD for the very first time.

This limited edition 500 unit only release, titled 'Mean Season' is due out on MRC July 28.

Total Stranger is:
Al Langlade (Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitars)
Rolly Saulnier (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Peter Martin (Drums, Percussion)
Andre Pelletier (Lead Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Backing Vocals)

Steve 'Pineapple' McPhail (Guitars and Lead Vocals) 1986 Bonus Material
Jon Sampson (Drums) 1986 Bonus Material

Produced by: Jake Giacomelli and Total Stranger

The Remastered and Expanded Edition isáCo-Produced by: Marcus Mason

Remastered by: JK Northrup

The new reworked cover art is from designer Arnaud Leger

Track Listing:

'Mean Season' (1990)
01. Mean Season
02. All Or Nothing
03. Soap Box
04. Easy In The Nite
05. Chance On Us
06. Take Me
07. Are You Alone
08. Experience
09. On The Outside
10. By Chance

'Total Stranger' EP (1986)
11. On The Outside
12. By Chance
13. Total Stranger
14. One Nite Stand
15. Things You're Missin'
16. Reason Why