MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce a partnership with singer/songwriter/producer STEVEN McCLINTOCK to release a pair of phenomenal melodic rock records to feature the acclaimed singer's voice.

With over 40 years as a successful musician, singer, songwriter, publisher, producer & manager, Steven McClintock is the owner and driving force behind 37 Records and Management. With over 350 cuts and over 25 films and dozens of TV shows to his credit, Steven is also very involved in publishing with Tim James at McJames Music Inc. with writers like Stephen Petree, Chad Petree, Jeremy Dawson from Shiny Toy Guns and Grammy nominee songwriter Pamela Oland.

The first record in the partnership with Steven is the release of another long-lost classic record for fans of early 80s AOR/pomp rock – the band HEADWAY.

Written and recorded in 1979-1980, HEADWAY's Self-Titled debut is packed with early 80s style classic rock, with a healthy dose of Toto-esque musical twists and turns and Styx-like pomp, all layered in the sweet vocals of McClintock.

The second record in the partnership with Steven is something that will excite many fans of classic hands-in-the-air 80s anthems. Steven McClintock the voice behind many cult 80s action films, the voice of the feel good soundtracks that these films championed through the best decade ever.

HEADWAY Feat. Steven McClintock - Headway (Ltd Ed CD & Digital Download) $25
(including worldwide shipping)

STEVEN McCLINTOCK - Soundtrack Heroes (2CD & Digital Download) $30
(including worldwide shipping)


(Both CDs plus Both Digital Downloads) $50
(including worldwide shipping)


For years now, many of these songs have been traded over the internet and featured on YouTube, with audio taken directly from the movies themselves or other poor-quality sources.
But now gathered in one place are all the legendary tunes from such movies as Deadly Prey, The Bounty Hunter, Space Mutiny, Born Killer, Nightwars and more…

Curated by MelodicRock Classics over two discs for a free-flowing selection of melodic rock anthems and heartfelt ballads, Steven McClintock's Soundtrack Heroes is a real treat for fans of 80s rock and 80s action films. Included are a couple of never before released songs, which never featured in films, adding value to the collection.

Tim James Auringer comments on the writing partnership: “After placing a song in one of David A. Prior's movies In late 1986, David called and asked if we knew how to score a movie. Having never scored a movie before we of course said, “yes”. That began a crash course in film scoring and a journey of composing music and placing over 60 songs in 20 films for David A. Prior and Action International Pictures. Steven McClintock and I solicited the assistance of some friends (Mark Mancina, Garm Beall and Tim Heintz) who had also, naturally, never scored a motion picture before.
Some of these films have gone on to become cult classics, such as Deadly Prey and Space Mutiny. The later becoming one of the favorite “Mystery Science Theater” episodes of all time.
Sadly, David A. Prior passed away a few years ago, but his films continue to be shown all around the world on late night TV. We had fun working on these films and thank David for the opportunity to be involved in so many of his movies.”

'Soundtrack Heroes' is another gem from the archives, one which MelodicRock Classics is excited to bring to fans.

Masters were supplied by Steven, with MRC's JK Northrup remastering expertise again at work.

STEVEN McCLINTOCK 'Soundtrack Heroes' will be available for CD Pre-Order and Advance Digital Audio Delivery from this Friday January 14, with CDs shipping to fans late February.

Track Listing (and movie featured in):

01. Turn On The Night (Chase) 4:16
02. When Love Breaks (Crossing The Line Theme) 3:55
03. Edge Of A Dream (Space Mutiny) 3:55
04. Never Say Die (Deadly Prey: Deadliest Prey) 3:01
05. Running With The One I Love (Chase) 3:02
06. Do You Remember Love (Rage To Kill) 3:15
07. It's Only Love (Rapid Fire) 3:13
08. Read My Lips (Lost Platoon Theme) 3:14
09. I Believe In The Battle (Hell On The Battleground) 4:16
10. Is It Really Love (Code Name Vengeance) 3:27
11. Long Thin Line (Born Killer) 3:39
12. You're A Mystery (Previously Unreleased) 3:09
13. For A Moment (Rage To Kill) 4:08
14. Maybe Love (Jetsons: The Movie) 3:46

01. Freedom (Mankillers) 3:29
02. Keep This Motor Running (Born Killer) 4:16
03. Just A Little (Bounty Hunter) 2:39
04. Chase Theme (What's Going On) 3:07
05. Forbidden 3:10
06. Here You Are (Chase) 3:17
07. Talk To Me (Previously Unreleased) 3:17
08. Home (Hell On The Battleground) 3:58
09. Shadow Of A Doubt (Operation Warzone) 4:26
10. This Fire (Operation Warzone) 2:52
11. I Dream (Bounty Hunter Theme) 3:37


Steven discusses the forming of the band:

“I had just finished up with my duo, Fertitta & McClintock after we were released from our Arista Records/Clive Davis contract, and was looking for a new project. I had formed a studio business with my buddy Michael Mikulka and we were cutting different musicians/songwriters commercially in his Garden Grove garage.
Scott Plunkett (keys) was there recording and told me he was playing at El Paso Cantina in Long Beach with another guy name Bruce Boulanger (guitar).
Mike McKinnon (bass) was working there in another room and they had previously talked about putting a band together. I decided to go see Scott play, he and Bruce brought me upstairs to see Mike, we sat down at a table then and there and decided to put a band together. Just like that.
All we needed was a drummer. Scott was friends with a guy name Chris Stewart and he took the gig as our drummer. We did a LOT of rehearsals because the material we wanted to play was extremely difficult yet going to be brilliant once we got it down! No one in our local scene was doing this type of music. So “Headway” was formed.

That was late 1978. Our first gig was at “The Warehouse” in Newport Beach. The drummer was working a full-time day gig somewhere and wasn't able to practice, so we hired John “Bones“ McConnell and he became our drummer.
Fairly soon after that, the “Grrr”, Alex Gutierrez, started sitting in with us on congas and “toys” and became part of the group by default. This album is dedicated to him.”

The twelve-track record has been rescued from the vaults, with two 'official bootleg' live bonus tracks added to complete the HEADWAY picture.
It is truly a lost gem, which MelodicRock Classics is excited to bring to light finally, after all these years.
Some incredibly old master tapes were supplied by Steven, with MRC in-house remastering master JK Northrup taking over to bring the best sound possible to fans.

Track Listing:
01. I'm Moving In 3:36
02. Last To Know 3:52
03. Stay The Night 3:52
04. Foolish Dreams 3:19
05. Giving It Up For Love 3:37
06. Tycoon 3:54
07. Never Gonna Let You Go 3:42
08. Give Me A Reason 2:59
09. Wanting 3:36
10. Too Much Too Soon 3:59
11. You Can Believe In Me 4:06
12. I Could Tell You 3:30
13. Never Gonna Let You Go (Live) 4:05
14. Turn On The Light (Live) 3:20


Steven “Maddog” McClintock - Lead Vocals
Scott Plunkett - Keyboards
Bruce Bolanger - Guitars
Michael Mckinnon - Bass
Chris Stewart - Drums
John “Bones “Mcconnell - Drums

Brian Zsupnik - Drums (Foolish Dreams)
Frank Continola - Drums (Stay The Night)