GNP - Safety Zone
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MelodicRock Classics deliver another forgotten classic from Canada – GNP’s 1989 album ‘Safety Zone’. The band featured former Saga members Jim Gilmour (Keyboards) and Steve Negus (Drums), looking for a more straightforward AOR direction on this, the only album GNP recorded.
Saga are of course one of Canada’s most loved prog-rock groups. GNP was formed together with vocalist Robert Bevan in 1986, but it wasn’t until 3 years later the album was released.
The band was formed out of a displeasure with management after the Saga ‘Behaviour’ album. The band was immediately signed to Virgin Records. The track "How Many Times" was the only song that was eventually made into a music video. These 10 tracks show the more dominant and splendid lyrical and songwriting abilities of Steve Negus and Jim Gilmour outside of Saga that created a well-produced hi-tech, AOR album.
Fantastic session musicians were brought in to assist and round out the production including the likes of Jeff Jones (Red Rider, Bachman Cummings) on Bass and Jeff Albani (Wrabit, Lee Aaron), and Bob Bartolucci (Alannah Myles) on Guitar.
The band sadly did not last long, as promotion and live performances were cut quickly by a Saga reunion that immediately ended the project from commencing further.
The original CD and this newly JK Northrup remastered version include the extra track, an extended version of the song “Safety Zone”.
GNP is:
Robert Bevan (Vocals)
Jim Gilmour (Keyboards, Piano, Vocals)
Steve Negus (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)
With the assistance of:
Bob Bartolucci (Guitars 1-4, 6-9)
Jeff Jones (Bass all Tracks)
John Albani (Guitar Track 2)
Richard Fortin (Guitars Track 5, String Arrangement Track 10)
Maddie Willis (Scat Vocals Track 5)
Pat Perez (Sax Track 11)
The Phase One Male Choir (Track 2)
Strings (Track 10)
Zhang Zhang (Violin 1)
Julia Jones (Violin 2)
Julian Knight (Viola)
Ron Chambers (Cello)
Produced By Steve Negus
The Remastered and Expanded Release is Co-produced by Marcus Mason
Remastered by JK Northrup
MelodicRock Classics releases GNP ‘Safety Zone’ June 30.
Track Listing:
01. How Many Times 4:07
02. One Life 3:41
03. No Parade 4:31
04. Remembering 4:23
05. Love Must Be The Answer 4:09
06. Safety Zone 4:26
07. Eyes On The Prize 4:15
08. French Connection 3:24
09. Russian Roulette 4:03
10. In Your Eyes 3:46
Bonus Track:
11. Safety Zone (Extended) 5:52