MARTEE LeBOW - Rock Anthology
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MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce the first ever CD release for New York City rocker Martee LeBow's two popular 80s records 'Crimes of The Heart' and 'Love's A Liar'.

And to sweeten the deal, the 2CD set includes Martee's out of print 1993 three track EP plus 11 previously unreleased bonus demos.

The double compilation 'Rock Anthology (1986-1993)' will be released February 23.

About Martee LeBow:
Martee LeBow is an acclaimed recording artist, singer/songwriter from upstate NY.
She taught herself to play the piano at age 3 and began writing songs at 10. In her teens she recorded her first album, "The Lady Wants To be A Star" produced by Charlie Calello, featuring NYC session royalty including Will Lee, The Brecker Bros, John Tropea and Jeff Mirinov. She supported the critically acclaimed release of that debut album with a nationwide tour before moving to NYC to continue to play her brand of bluesy rock in the clubs with her band.

In the 80s Martee signed with Atlantic Records and released "Crimes of the Heart" EP (prod. Robbie Buchanan) and "Love's A Liar" album (prod. John Jansen).

Martee has collaborated with some great writers including, the late, great Keith Reid (Procol Harum) and Grammy award winner Will Jennings ("Roll Away", a sentimental favorite recorded by Dusty Springfield on her very last album).
She has also had a successful jingle career, singing on many commercials over the years such as Coke, Folgers, Budweiser, JC Penney, AT+T, Mercedes Benz, Sears, Dominos, Mc Donald's, Charmin', and Dannon, just to name a few.
As a background singer, she has supported other artists, including recording and traveling the globe with world music band, Alabina and Ishtar (singing in 5 languages!)

Her favorite gig for many years, has been as lead singer of The Mar-Tays, a slammin' A-list NYC band with Irwin Fisch, John Siegler, Frank Vilardi, Ira Siegel, Larry Saltzman, and Robbie Kondor.

Most recently, she is very excited about the in-development show ”Last Night at the Rue Bayou”, for which she is the musical composer.

Martee describes herself as ”still having too much fun!”

CD1: Crimes Of The Heart (1986) & Love's A Liar (1987)
01. Crimes Of The Heart 3:47
02. Stranded in the Moonlight 3:43
03. Love Just Ain't Enough 3:32
04. One Down 3:43
05. Hearts Of Stone 4:12
06. Where Do I Stand 3:34
07. Another Lonely Heart 4:04
08. Love's A Liar 4:04
09. Maybe You'll Remember 3:31
10. Learning The Hard Way 3:30
11. Hang On (To My Reckless Youth) 4:04
12. Fallen Angel 3:45
13. Forbidden 5:05
14. I Must Be In Love 3:58
15. One Good Reason 3:18

CD2: Roll Away (CD Single) & Unreleased
01. Roll Away 4:31
02. Gone 3:05
03. Sail On 3:53

Unreleased Bonus Tracks:
04. Written In Stone 4:03
05. Running Out Of Time 4:24
06. Lost To The City 3:36
07. Remember Me 4:27
08. Crest Of A Wave 3:34
09. The Real You 4:23
10. Shade Of Green 3:50
11. Moonshine 3:17
12. Under The Sun 4:13
13. Hurtin You 3:36
14. In Your Own Backyard 4:06