CHRIS ANTBLAD - Collected Works Vol. 1
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MelodicRock Classics is thrilled to reunite with an old friend Swedish singer/songwriter CHRIS ANTBLAD for a 6CD Box Set 'Collected Works, Volume 1', a Limited Edition (500 Units) set, which takes in 6 of Chris' studio albums from recent years, all previously only available via streaming and digital outlets.

This is Chris Antblad's first physical CD release since 'A New Dawn' in 2012. Chris first worked with MRC's Andrew McNeice for the release of his debut solo album 'Century', back in 2011.

This limited box set captures 6 acclaimed albums, plus 8 bonus tracks, exclusive for this release.

Available for pre-order NOW, 'Collected Works Volume 1' will be released March 29 on MelodicRock Classics.

About Chris Antblad: Chris Antblad was a big part of the songwriting and vocal talent behind the Spin Galley release 'Standing Tall', which came out on Atenzia Records in 2004.
That's just the start - Chris Antblad has spent the better part of his adult life as a musician and primarily as a songwriter. A mix of versatility and exceptional lyricism, has led to many interesting collaborations over the years. Primarily, the songwriting has been concentrated on adult oriented rock music and country. Two styles of music that both are reliant on advanced vocal-parts and arrangements.
After a few years of songwriting, the necessity for good demos fostered a vocal ability that in later years led to more and more vocal work. Growing up outside the Swedish music scene, there was little to choose from, in terms of vocalists, and necessity once again turned out to be the mother of invention. He was forced to learn the art of singing, and after a couple of uncomfortable years, he found himself a decent singer. Combined with the experience as a session keyboard player, with a lot of jazz under the belt, and decent abilities on guitar and bass, the quality of the work started to reach a professional level.
The songwriting led to Nashville and collaborations with some of his heroes like John Bettis, Gary Baker, Eric Martin, Paul Carrack, Michael Jay, Joe Lynn Turner, John Capek, Randy Goodrum, Jay Graydon, Brett James and Wayne Kirkpatrick. His interest for AOR always lingered as a result of growing up in the 80-ies and has led to a long-time collaboration with Joe Lynn Turner and a few noted appearances, one of which was the noted one-off Spin Gallery project.

'Chris Antblad Collected Works Vol. 1' Features:

Disc One - Age Of Concord III: The Last Day Of Summer (2020)
Disc Two - Age Of Concord: America (2020)
Disc Three - Age Of Concord IV (2021)
Disc Four - Age Of Concord 80 (2021)
Disc Five - Sweet Surrender (2022)
Disc Six - The End Of The Beginning (2022)

Full Track Listing:

DISC ONE Age Of Concord III: The Last Day Of Summer
01. Unbroken
02. Lion
03. The Last Day Of Summer
04. Mr. Preacherman
05. A Painting
06. My Heart's Forever Young
07. Tattoos
08. I Played The Piano And She Danced
09. I Prayed For Rain
10. When It Was Only You And Me
11. Words
12. Another Pointless Song (Bonus Track)
13. Hell Is Empty (Bonus Track)
14. Long Live The King (Bonus Track)

DISC TWO Age Of Concord: America
01. When The Rain Is Done
02. Keep On Running
03. Bring Me Down
04. I Knew That Love Was Over
05. Just Hold On
06. Cry On My Shoulder
07. Love Is Nothing More
08. I'm Not Scared
09. A New Girl in Town
10. While Our Broken World Is Weeping
11. Show Me

DISC THREE Age Of Concord IV
01. I Just Needed To Know
02. Breaking Away From The Hero
03. A Summer That Won't End
04. White Man's Overbite
05. Everyone Knows
06. Love Was Never Lost Along The Way
07. Mr. Primeminister
08. There Is A Light
09. The Days
10. Summer Has Finally Come
11. Music City
12. Song For My M
13. I Play The Game (Bonus Track)
14. Noice (Bonus Track)

DISC FOUR Age Of Concord 80
01. It's Summer Once Again
02. Lonely Nights
03. Through The Open Door
04. What If We Never Say Goodbye
05. Not Today
06. You Knew This Was Love
07. Run
08. I'll Be Waiting
09. I'm Not Afraid To Come Closer
10. Here Between Now And Forever

DISC FIVE Sweet Surrender
01. Love Was Easy
02. Once Again
03. What's Not To Like
04. Time To Catch Another Wave
05. One-Way Ticket
06. When There Is Nothing To Hide
07. More Than We Dared To Pretend
08. Play Me A Song From The Old Days
09. Sweet Surrender
10. Praying For Another Day
11. Lie To Me
12. A Box Of Moo-Juice
13. How Do You Know When It's Done
14. Looking For A Place To Hide
15. I Have Faith
16. Fine, Fine, Fine
17. Anything, Anywhere
18. Wild Women

DISC SIX The End Of The Beginning
01. Deep In Your Eyes
02. You Started Something New
03. Now When The Brighter Days Are Gone
04. They Don't Live Here Anymore
05. I Will Never Run
06. Maybe I'm Dreaming
07. We Had It All
08. Summeryoung
09. The One That Got Away
10. She Is Waiting By The Telephone
11. Cigarettes And Photographs (Bonus Track)
12. Faded Pictures (Bonus Track)
13. The Teremana Song (Bonus Track)

CHRIS ANTBLAD - Collected Works Vol. 1
(6CD Deluxe Box Set + Digital Download) $99
(including worldwide shipping)