YAYA - II (Deluxe Edition 2CD)

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British melodic rock band YaYa released their debut album 'Scarred' in 1984 before changing vocalist for their acclaimed more melodic second album 'II', featuring new frontman Sam Blue.

MelodicRock Classics is especially excited to announce that the YaYa 'II' reissue will become a 2-Disc Deluxe Edition, featuring a range of extra tracks!

YaYa 'II' (Deluxe Edition) gathers all the tracks recorded for the original release and accompanying B-Sides, plus no less than 5 previously unreleased tracks. Two unreleased demos which have been freshly remastered and 3 classic tracks originally written between 1987-1990, which were newly recorded for this release during 2021.

CD1: The Album
01. Caught In A Lie 4:21
02. When The World Cried 4:10
03. Love In Vain 3:38
04. Fear Of Flying 4:27
05. The Toughest Race 4:47
06. Julia 4:16
07. The First Time 3:54
08. You're All I Need 5:02
09. All Through The Night 3:51
10. Set Me Free 4:18

CD2: The Bonus Tracks
01. Fascination (Unreleased Demo) 4:24
02. I'll Cry A Tear (Unreleased Demo) 3:56
03. Nobody's Perfect (New Recording) 4:29
04. Cry From The Heart (New Recording) 4:08
03. On My Way (New Recording) 5:16
06. All Through The Night (Demo)(B-Side) 4:12
07. Castles In The Sand (B-Side) 2:51
08. River's Edge (B-Side) 3:29
09. Caught In A Lie (Extended Version) 6:03

Runtime 43.26 & 39.10