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IZOD - Overdrive
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There's nothing more satisfying than delving deep into the archives of rock music history in order to breathe new life into an old band. And sometimes the more obscure bands deliver the best surprises.
Canada's Izod is one of those bands. Their name comes from the 'Izod Impact Test', a test used to measure a metal's resistance to impact. These guys literally have metal in their name.
Izod was formed in 1978 when Mike Mayer brought together Paul Gayne and Gary Green as the foundation for a new heavy rock band. The three band mates were heavily influenced by the sound and style of British Heavy metal pioneers, Judas Priest. It wasn't long before they added Greg Roxworth and Luke Moretti and began playing regularly as a Judas Priest cover band.

After a few years of playing, making demos and other recordings of their own songs, it was time to take the next step. Roxworth and Moretti left the group and were replaced by Steve Lewis and Max Fodero. Izod had truly formed.
The newly formed group began playing complete sets of their own music across Canada. They started to get the attention of record companies before winning the Q107 Homegrown contest in 1984, and soon caught the attention of WEA producer Gary Furniss. After many months of writing and pre-production, Furniss produced the Overdrive EP which was released in early 1987.
Izod began touring across Canada while promoting the EP and continued to be a very popular live act. Their shows did not disappoint, featuring plenty of fireworks and pyrotechnics.
The expanded and remastered release for 'Overdrive' consists of the original 1987 EP, plus an unreleased track from the sessions called 'Rock This Town'; the single from the Q107 'Homegrown' contest titled 'Heavy Metal Madman' and 3 additional tracks from the early 1983 demo sessions 'Lost In The Night', 'High And Mighty' and 'Rechmachine'.

Rounding out the release are two extra live tracks from a pro-shot band showcase the rest of which you can see on YouTube:

All tracks have been carefully restored and remastered by JK Northrup, giving the material a new punch.

MelodicRock Classics will release Izod Overdrive (Expanded and Remastered) August 25 as part of the 500 Series of releases strictly limited to 500 units only.

Izod is:
Steve Lewis - Lead Vocals
Gary Green - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Mike Mayer - Bass guitar and Backing Vocals
L. Paul Gayne - Drums and Backing Vocals
Max Fodero - Guitar and Backing Vocals

Additional Lead Vocals - Mike Jacob, Greg Roxworth
Additional Guitars - Ted Hamlin, Luke Moretti
Keyboards - Pier Rubesta

Track Listing:
01. In The Dark Of The Night
02. Bitch Is Hot
03. Where There's Smoke
04. Overdrive
05. Angel
06. Rock The Town
07. Heavy Metal Madman
08. High & Mighty (1983 Demo)
09. Lost In The Night (1983 Demo)
10. Rechenmashine (1983 Demo)
11. Angel (Live)
12. Overdrive (Live)