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MelodicRock Classics kicks off their 2024 Release Schedule with some long-awaited gems, starting with four new titles on February 23.

To start, MRC is thrilled to partner with Randall Waller to bring fans the first ever official CD releases from the classic Aussie melodic rock band AVION.

Avion's two acclaimed studio albums: 'Avion' (1983) and 'White Noise' (1986) have both been the subject of bootlegs but have never had an official CD release. In addition to the two studio albums, Avion released an independent live album on cassette only in 1987 and that too is now going to find its way to CD a part of this reissue series.

All 3 CDs are remastered by JK Northrup from the best available master sources and will feature non-album singles and B-sides as bonus tracks.

Check out Randall's brand-new solo album 'More' at: https://randallwaller.bandcamp.com/album/more

About Avion:
Avion's lead guitarist and lead singer, Randall Waller had previously released two albums as a solo artist, Oasis (1978) and Midnight Fire (1980). In 1981 Waller formed pop rock group Lionheart in Sydney with Evan Murray on keyboards, Martyn Toole on guitar, and his two brothers: John Waller on drums and Kendall Waller on bass guitar - the group was soon renamed as Avion.
Avion signed with RCA Records and, in September 1983, released their debut self-titled album, mixed by Bob Clearmountain at the Power Station recording studio in NYC. The album spawned three singles, "I Need You" (March 1983), "Diamond Eyes" (September) and "Never Let Me Go" (October). In August 1984 the group issued a non-album single, "Still the Night". Paul Gannell replaced Toole on guitar and, in September 1985, released "We've Got Secrets" on RCA. In 1986, the band signed a deal with EMI Records and "Celebration" appeared in September. In 1987 the band's second album, “White Noise”, followed.
In September 1987 Evan Murray died in a car accident while the group were on tour and the band essentially disbanded.
Randall Waller remaining in the industry, working as a producer, engineer, and then guitarist in Shania Twain's band.


Avion – Avion (1983)
01. I Need You
02. Diamond Eyes
03. Lady Of The Night
04. We Can Try
05. Warrior
06. Never Let Me Go
07. Where Do We Go From Here
08. Always Waiting
09. Who's Crying Now
10. Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Bonus Tracks:
11. Still The Night (1984 Single)
12. Southern Cross (1984 Single B-Side)

Avion – White Noise (1986)
01. Celebration
02. Berlin Wall
03. Elle
04. In My Mind
05. Ships
06. We've Got Secrets
07. Calm Before The Storm
08. The Next Big Thing
09. On And On
10. Never Too Late

Bonus Tracks:
The Bigger You Are (1985 B-Side)
Ransom (1986 B-Side)

Avion – Live (1987 Release)
01. Long Night
02. Where Do We Go From Here
03. In My Mind
04. Ships
05. Secrets
06. Warrior
07. Ransom
08. On And On
09. Money Or Love
10. Berlin Wall
11. Celebration
12. I Need You
13. The Bigger You Are
14. Never Too Late

Bonus Tracks:
15. Ransom (Alt. Live Mix)
16. Money Or Love (Alt. Live Mix)